Looking world through other’s eyes

All of us see the world from our point of view, from our perception, from our eyes. But what if I say that you have a chance to see the world through someone else eyes. Your particular situation, which seems miserable to you may be really a privilege for someone else. For you, that is just normal life, but for someone else, it can be living his or her dream to live your life. So it is someone else walking in your shoes. But I am not gonna discuss here that.

Here we will talk about Looking world through other’s eyes:

Today, I saw a beggar on a corner of the street, for him, God has not been just to him, he has to beg for his living, he looks to everyone who passes by to get some money with the expectation of mercy to be done on him. For him, maybe he is gonna live all life like this, begging all day, all life watching other people wandering into their luxurious life. What does he expect from his life?

I thanked God that I am privileged having a house, a family, a job, loving people, a lovable sister, wonderful friends, and most importantly I don’t have to beg for making my living like that beggar.

Another day I saw a small kid, looking to the world with a lot of excitement and curiosity. Experiencing every new thing in his life. For him, The World is really beautiful. Things are new to him, after every minute, he asks his father, ‘What is this’, ‘How does it work’ ‘Can we get this to home’and so much childish & answer seeking questions.

I saw the circle of life. This small kid will be raised a man tomorrow. He will get married and become a father of kids some day, then his kids will ask such same questions from him. For his kids, life will be new as it was for him many years ago….. Life goes on, it passes its excitement from one to other.

These were just two instances, I have mentioned here, like this, every day, we have a lot of opportunities to see the world through other’s eyes. How other people see this world? What is their perception of things? How they make their living? How their families survive? How they are making difference? Such a lot of questions we can ask ourselves when we wear glasses of their eyes and we can be thankful to God for any situation we have. Because God directs everything and anything.

So don’t feel negative, if you lost your job, if you had a break up, if you had a marriage failure if you experienced financial crises, If you had been through a major operation. For that time, when you are depressed, you need to do only one thing. Just see the world through someone else eyes, I am sure you will find beauty in your own life.


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