When Everything Falls Apart !!!

No one is perfect or no one’s life is perfect. We all struggle in our battles. Battles, who drag us to fell down in the valley of danger & sorrow both. There are many times in life when we feel defeated, filled with grief, lost or you can put any word here which makes you feel down. We feel like being in the middle of a whirlwind, don’t know where to go & what to do. Such situation can happen in any area of your life, your education, your job, your relationship, your marriage or your career when you have to make a decision, but you do not have the courage to do so. The courage to make things happen right, the courage to take stand for yourself. That is the situation when When Everything Falls Apart !!!


When everything seems you like danger as this text color –When Everything Falls Apart !!! Maybe you have been through such situation or maybe you are at present going through exactly same emotions & weakness which you feel in your spirit due to struggles of this life. If yes, then keep reading, this blog is sure for you; 

It is difficult to stand in courage in these times, but here I would like to give you a reason to take stand for yourself to make things happen right. Just make your mind relax & think:

What if I do not interfere in choices made for my life by others? If till now you didn’t spoke for your own self, Do it now, its never too late. Its never too late to start from the start. Your decisions & choices will directly show consequences in your life, maybe sooner or later. So do you want consequences having regret moments for not taking decisions or consequences having proud moments? What & whose Support do I need in this situation to make it beneficial for me? Find out that person & grab his help. Maybe the proud you are carrying to do all things on your own is hindering your success. 

My friend, Life is like a roller coaster, but not the one which is mentioned by ‘Augustus Waters’ in ‘Fault in Our Stars’, that only goes up. It has both ups & downs. Ups will make you feel like being on top of world & downs will drag you to gravity to fell down. It will be your decision always, how you react to things ‘When Everything Falls Apart !!!’ Do you sit in the corner like a loser who never try to fight back or do you make history with gut feeling you have in your heart ‘yes, I can handle this’ 

Choice & decision is yours !!!


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  1. Definitely a time changer post!! Well apprehended

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    1. Thanks for Appreciation

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