One Direction

We all need a purpose, a purpose to live, a purpose to love.

Sometimes we find ourself in middle of the chaos of life, its expectations, its responsibilities & our existence being in this world. Time flies like someone is chasing him. We think, we dream and we live with a lot of expectations from ourself and sometime we can’t fulfill those plans.  All of these expectations of people & ourselves becomes a baggage we keep dragging with ourself.  We feel so much burdened that our heart & mind starts having doubt on our capabilities. But for those times, when no one trusts your instincts ,when no is ready to support you , when no one is interesting in listening your story, when people call you worthless, when you feel dragged, even when you feel like giving up, For those times – You need – One direction .

A Direction which will give you way to live again your so lost dreams. A Direction which can make you feel worthy again. A Direction which can be your purpose to live your life.

Tonight, don’t sleep without thinking about that One direction which can give purpose to your life to live, to love. Have a life that doesn’t need to recall failures of past. Have a life full of hope & love for yourself.

Again, I would say – FIND YOUR DIRECTION


Life is Beautiful

This blog is for anyone or everyone who look forward to life.

Everyday we get up, we have a whole new day ahead, A day full of surprises, full of blessings. I would say that ‘the day God has made’ and these thing are for everyday, every new day. Everyday, a beginning of keeping some promises with yourself, beginning of not being hard or rude with yourself, beginning of setting another goal.  May be last day or last night was not so much good. May be the month or the year you are passing through is struggling and making it hard for you to live.May Be. But you know one thing, ‘LIFE is Beautiful’. Continue reading “Life is Beautiful”